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The Merge Podcast Episode

The RCAF has never been in such a desperate state in its 100 year history. Spoke with Mike Benitez on The Merge Podcast about the Canadian fighter force at length on many issues facing the RCAF personnel.

F-35 vs CF-18 Introduction. What I did not say.

I penned an Op Ed published in Skies Magazine linking the RCAF introduction of the F-35 to the CF-18 origins more than 40 years ago (; page 54). There are so many...

Luck, Choice and Fate – Part 2: F-16 E/F Terrain Following ‘Anomaly’

For many of us, the road we follow is deliberate but sometimes three forces play into life’s outcomes: luck, choice, or fate. This is likely truer in aviation than in other vocations, at least if you stay long enough. And that is certainly the case with me and a near fatal event during an F-16 Radar Terrain Following test flying over the Gulf of Mexico when the jet suffered an ‘anomaly’ in the flight control system and pushed hard over when flying at 600 knots and 100 feet above the water.

F-35 Works After All!

Air Forces are realizing that bringing on the F-35 is not simply a fighter replacement program but the trigger to transform their entire armed forces into a 5th Gen Force.

Aircrew Performance: Pennies on the Dollar

Comprehensive Readiness for Aircrew Flying Training (CRAFT) and Optimizing the Human Weapons System (OHWS) are relatively recent programs supporting physical, physiological, and cognitive training and fitness within the US Air Force.

F-16s to Ukraine?

Allowing F-16s to be transferred to the Ukrainian Air Force, standing up training for their pilots and eventually converting them to fly the F-16 will solve an emotional appeal.  It just won’t change the course of the war.

Tall Poppies

We all love the rock star performers who can solve the unsolvable, succeed against insane odds and triumph when people think that there is no hope.  HR departments hate the people who are not like the rest of the gang and diminish or ostracize the ‘one offs’ who don’t behave like everyone else.

Capability Paradox

F-35 pilots today are an order of magnitude more lethal and capable than any previous generation of fighter pilots and yet that might not be enough to win a war against China. The jet does so much...

The CRITICAL FLAW in $100 Million Fighter Jets

Hasard Lee produced an excellent YouTube video to explain to experts and lay-persons alike the issue related to managing the simplest of tasks in a fighter cockpit, peeing.  I have written...

Optimizing Human Performance in Fighter Jets

We need to think of fighter pilots as high-end athletes; ‘Tactical Athletes’. 

Empower them to fly the most expensive and lethal aircraft in history and educate them not only how to be stone cold killers but how to train and maintain their minds and bodies to be at the peak conditions in the harshest of environments…combat. 

A Good Day for the RCAF

Lots of drama in this saga but ultimately the right jet for the right price, in the correct numbers with the jet at the right point in its development and maturity. 

“Fail Fast Friday” Podcast with Trigger Jordan

I joined Kinsley ‘Trigger’ Jordan and his “Fail Fast Friday” episode ( to talk about failure and how to rebound from setbacks.  We all have stumbled in...

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