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A Good Day for the RCAF

Lots of drama in this saga but ultimately the right jet for the right price, in the correct numbers with the jet at the right point in its development and maturity. 

“Fail Fast Friday” Podcast with Trigger Jordan

I joined Kinsley ‘Trigger’ Jordan and his “Fail Fast Friday” episode ( to talk about failure and how to rebound from setbacks.  We all have stumbled in...

Top 10 Reasons Why Canada Needs the F-35: #4: Capitalism beats Socialism

Now that Canada has decided on which fighter it wants, let’s talk about what else matters beyond the capability of the F-35 or how much it is all going to cost Canadians…. let’s talk about jobs.  There was so much chatter about guaranteed work from the other competitors, jobs that may or may not have been linked to high tech aerospace work but that would have satisfied the socialist mindset of promised work, not necessarily valuable work.  Instead, Canada chose capitalism and the chance to benefit from the enormous scale of production and sustainment linked to the franchise F-35 program.

Trudeau’s Speech

One of smartest political speeches in modern times, then candidate Justin Trudeau said: “We will not buy the F-35 fighter jet”. Strategically brilliant; that speech helped pivot an electorate in favor of Liberal party when to that point, polls ran the election as a 3-way race.

Auto Ground Collision Avoidance System – Saving Lives

I have talked a number of times in the recent past about the technology developed to prevent aircraft from hitting the ground...and killing the people in that plane.  I guest-hosted a recent episode...

Top 10 Reasons Why Canada Needs the F-35: #5: The Re-norming of Air Power

One of the biggest leaps Canadian defense has made in generations comes with the selection of F-35 for the Royal Canadian Air Force.  What F-35 will force is a revolution across the entire Canadian...

The Afterburn Podcast

One of the consistently most fun aviation podcasts is hosted by John 'Rain' Waters on the Afterburn Podcast.  We talked about airshows since Rain had been the USAF F-16 demo pilot for years, then...

Canada’s military colleges – If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less.

The recent Arbour report took aim at the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and its inability to reform itself. The report gave a special shout-out to the military colleges, questioning their need moving forward. The crisis of identity that the military and these educational institutions are facing needs to be recognized as a final warning.

Top 10 Reasons Why Canada Needs the F-35: #6: Cost

What does a fighter jet cost?  A lot.  How much is a lot?  As much as it takes to defend a country and have the capability and capacity to fight and win a war. And as much as it costs to ensure that...

Top 10 Reasons Why Canada Needs the F-35: #7: Rejoining the 21st Century

Canada’s ‘recommitment’ to the F-35 brought military defense of this nation back from the abyss of disinterest, neglect, and atrophy.  After such a long period where Canadians did not take defense...

F-35: Capabilities, Missions, Kinematics, Role In Ukrainian Crisis And Beyond.

Long, comprehensive discussion focused on Poland and the adopting of F-35 into the Polish Air Force.  After a relatively quick incorporation of the F-16 into their fighter force, Poland then...

F-35 in Canada…Done Deal…Move On

Does anyone on God’s green earth think that after 20 years of this Canada F-35 saga, spending millions upon millions of dollars and dedicating enormous manpower, establishing all the manufacturing subcontractors for the F-35 Enterprise, Lockheed Martin and the US government won’t do everything in their power to complete the deal for Canada’s next fighter? 

This is not F-35’s first rodeo!

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