Leadership in combat, navigating toxic workplaces and enhancing human performance as aviators. Great to be hosted by TK Toeki, CEO of Dicerra, for the second part of our interview on all things fighters and leadership.

The experience of the RCAF fighter force in combat during NATO Operation Allied Force and the bombing of Kosovo and Former Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999 is germane 25 years later. I reflect on leadership and the Canadian Forces’ effort of men and women who served during that conflict. We talked about how the nickname of the ‘Balkan Rats’ came to be and how the CF-18 force came together to perform exceptionally well under the stress of combat.

We then migrate to my experience in the civilian world as a test pilot in Eurofighter Typhoon and then on to F-35 with Lockheed Martin. There are cultural differences in many dimensions, not just between the countries but with the military services that I worked with. Adapting to be effective and not merely giving in to the pressures of a toxic workplace which did not agree with me. Finally, we talk human performance and how to hone and prepare for the high stress world of testing 5th Gen fighter jets.